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I am a Minnesota attorney.  I have four grown, exceptional children.  I have one grandson and another grandchild on the way.  I also have a young son born on January 31, 2018.

The federal courts’ complaint and the reason my law license is currently suspended is because from 2010 to 2013 I asserted hundreds of collective “quiet title” actions against the bailout banks that were holding and attempting to foreclose securitized mortgages.  I did this because I felt strongly and still feel that the federal government had treated relatively powerless people unfairly and committed an economic crime by giving the banks an unjust benefit and rewarding them for fraudulent behavior. I also felt strongly and still feel strongly that the optimal way to get at the truth and uncover the fraud involved in the bank bailouts and foreclosure of securitized mortgages is through quiet title actions.  I believe this because in a quiet title action the burden of proof is on the bank to prove the validity of its mortgage as well as prove that it is the lawful owner of the underlying debt. I know it works because I tried a quiet title case when I was a young and green lawyer and I won. From my personal experience and what I learned about securitized mortgages, the bailout banks would have a very difficult time proving the chain of title necessary to establish legal ownership of securitized notes and mortgages.  No Minnesota state or federal judge ever allowed one quiet title case to go to trial so this is still an open question.

From approximately May of 2013 to October of 2017 I lived out of an office with no kitchen and no shower.  This was because by this time the Minnesota federal courts had effectively sanctioned (fined) me out of business for bringing the quiet title actions and because I didn’t have sufficient resources to support a place to live, a place to work, and at the same time pay for my youngest son’s college.  As a result of my unsuccessful battle with the Minnesota federal courts, I lost my home in foreclosure, my wife divorced me, and the state suspended my law license. Fortunately, during this time a good and extremely gracious friend saw through the false noise of the attacks against me and gave me work sufficient to keep my head above water.

I feel unjustly treated by the actions of state and federal authorities and the local media. The federal courts were extremely upset about the quiet title strategy so they falsely labeled what I was doing and tarred and feathered me as some sort of rebellious nut.  The local press happily played along and sang the same tune. Given the state of modern government, governance, and media, I am sadly not surprised. The bailouts are and were crime and a theft from millions of people who, if nothing had been done, would have finally had leverage to negotiate against their banks.  I have paid a high price for taking action against the banks, the federal government, and the courts. That said, neither I nor my wonderful family deserve the lies and misrepresentations about me spread by the courts, the State of Minnesota, and the media. I did my homework before launching the quiet title strategy and the dollars that came into my firm while it was in existence all went out to pay the significant expenses involved in fighting against not only the billion dollar bailout banks, but a biased and oppositional court system.  

Now the state and the media are falsely claiming that I am a rich, big shot lawyer trying to cheat the system by failing to file income tax returns.   

During my time living out of the office, one son graduated college, my first grandson was born, and my daughter got married--and I could not meaningfully contribute to the wedding.   The state claims that I earned $300,000 in 2012 and 2013 and I somehow spent the next four years living in an office and didn’t have enough to pay for my daughter’s wedding?

Because of the state’s false charges against me and the media’s slurs that good friend who was providing me with work was compelled to sever our working relationship so that as I write this I have no source income, taxable or otherwise.

Given these facts, your readers may rightly be asking themselves “why is the state going after this poor guy so hard and not talking about Donald Trump’s missing tax returns or Mark Dayton’s South Dakota-based (and Minnesota income tax exempt) Family Trust?”

There is likely a great answer to that question if only someone serious and responsible would ask it.